NSBO Return to Play – Updated September 2021

NSBO expects all officials to follow the guidelines in this document along with the CBOC, BNS, Leagues within NS, and Public Health documents on return to play.  Any official who is not feeling well should not accept game assignments.

  1. Referees must be fully vaccinated (as per Public Health guidelines) to officiate basketball games in Nova Scotia. Referees may be required to show proof of vaccination when entering a facility.
  1. Referees will wear a face mask to and from all games.
  1. Referees will sanitize their hands before the game, half time and after the game has finished.
  1. Referees will bring their own sanitizer, towels, and refreshments to the game.
  1. Referees will apply social distancing guidelines where possible in the facility.
  1. Referees will administer timeouts and substitutions a minimum of six feet away from the scorer’s table.
  1. No pre game meeting of captains by referees.
  1. No formal greetings to coaches and no end of game handshakes.
  1. A jump ball will be used to start the game.
  2. Referees will bounce the ball to the inbounder at a minimum of six feet all over the court.