Absolutes…Call Them!

  •  Two hands on the dribbler is a foul.

  • Forearm on the offensive player above the free throw lane with the ball is a foul.

  • Two points of contact by the defensive player in the post that disrupt the movement of the offensive player will be called a foul.

  • Contact that causes the cutter to reroute will be called a foul.

  • All illegal contact to the head will be called immediately.

  • Excessive contact (wind up, impact and follow through) are unsportsmanlike fouls.

  • All non- basketball plays-tripping will be called immediately. 

  • Illegal contact on screen activity will be called a foul.

  • Technical fouls will be called for profanity and baiting opponents

  • Jumping on top of a player during a tie up is a foul.

  • Boxing out while facing your opponent and using your hands outside your cylinder to gain an advantage is a foul.

  • Illegal footwork in the post, on the perimeter (jump shots and drives), and on the dribbler will be expected to be consistently called.


Be aware of the offensive player jumping into the defense who is in legal guarding positioning. Do not penalize the defense for doing nothing wrong.

   Flopping will be called. Give a team warning followed by technical.