Nova Scotia Basketball Officials
2020 Annual General Meeting
Online via Zoom
Sunday, October 25th 11:00am


1. Call to order
2. Approval of additions to the agenda
3. Approval of minutes from previous meeting
4. Correspondence
– Matt Boyle
– Reg Caulfield
5. Elections
– Vice President (Al King – offering)
– Provincial Supervisor (Reg Caulfield – offering)
– Provincial Assessor (Chris Holland – offering)
– Member at Large (Brian States – offering)
6. National Reports
– Matt Boyle
7. Provincial Reports
– Provincial Interpreter
– Secretary/Treasurer
– Budget
– Area Reports
8. Matters arising from minutes
9. Old business
– Award Pins (Paul Hanson)
– Work Plan 2019-2020 (Reg Caulfield)
10. New business
– Operational Guidelines Motions
– Mitch Brown (From Submission – Booklet)
– Ryan Lutes (From Submission – Booklet)
– Additional Motions
11. Awards
12. AUS/ACAA business
13. Adjournment

The AGM was called to order by Matt Boyle, President at 11:10am on Sunday, October 25th. This year the AGM is being held via Zoom because of COVID protocols. Matt welcomed everyone in attendance and explained meeting protocol with regards to voting and elections. If a vote is needed, the Secretary will conduct an anonymous poll using the Zoom software. There were additional questions around the voting procedures. Matt provided additional information around the Zoom meeting procedures.
Additions to the Agenda
Any additions to the Agenda were added under New Business. Moved by Paul Hanson to accept the Additions to the Agenda. Seconded by Cliff Tye. Motion carried.

Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the previous AGM were posted on the website. Moved by Chris Holland and seconded by Mitch Brown to approve the minutes from the previous meeting. Motion approved.
***It was decided because of feedback, when voting on a motion…it will start with, “all opposed?” to limit feedback.***

Matt Boyle – Matt commented on the COVID situation and talked about being leaders on the National scene as NS will have games this season. Matt referenced the Return to Play Guidelines and encouraged the membership to be acquainted with them.
Reg Caulfield – Outlined information on officials health in the province. Sam McNeish was mentioned and an update on his condition was given. Update on Ted Wallace was given as well.


Nominations were called from the floor for the following positions:

Vice President (Al King – acclamation)
Provincial Supervisor (Reg Caulfield – acclamation)
Provincial Assessor (Chris Holland – offering, Steve Oliver – nominated) Both candidates spoke and an election was held. Chris Holland was the successful candidate(28-19). While voting took place, Greg Parsons updated the membership on the process of attaining a different CBOC level.
Member at Large (Brian States – offering, Mitch Brown – nominated) Brian was unable to speak as he was not in attendance. Mitch spoke and an election was held. Brian States was the successful candidate(34-13).

National Reports
Matt Boyle spoke that the Provincial Presidents were meeting once a month. It is hoped that the CBOC will be standardize the National structure. We will take care of NS first and try to operate under the CBOC model in the future. The CBOC is trying to figure out how to manage the collection of dues. An exam extension is being asked for the CBOC.

Provincial Reports
Roger Caulfield – Panel officiating was shut down for this year. We are trying to stay current with rules/mechanics. Information will be posted on the website. The main themes this year are diversity and knowing the rules. Clinics will be virtual this year. Stay tuned for further information. Recruitment continues to be an issue for NSBO.
Halifax – Greg Parsons outlined a report for the Area. Membership numbers are down.
Financial Report
The budget for the 2020-2021 season was presented and passed by the membership – moved by Paul Hanson and seconded by Ron Noseworthy. There was discussion and concern around the insurance. The membership was told how insurance is setup and what it covers.

Matters Arising from the Minutes

Old Business

Award Pins – It was discussed how NSBO recognizes long term members. It has been a huge success. There are pins on hand for long term service.
Work Plan – Items on the Work Plan were completed last year and is posted on the website.

New Business

Chris Holland explained the process around motions…

Motion 1 – Election Reform…
Moved by Mitch Brown, seconded by Paul Hanson.

To give members and opportunity to provide their candidacy and platform to the membership prior to the AGM.
The suggested election process will look as follows:
• 60 days prior to the AGM, the Secretary send out which positions are up for election, their roles and duties, and will call for nominations and their platforms. This phase shall last 30 days to allow for members considerations and submit nominations and platforms to the Secretary.
• One month prior to the AGM, the Secretary will submit to the membership all nominations and their respective platforms for each position listed above. At this time the Secretary will give notice of the AGM location and time.
• At the AGM all elections will be held via secret ballot, the new executive will thereby be accepted into the record for the request term.

This method of election reform will equalize the incumbent advantage, ensure that members from all over the province get a chance to be heard and seen, and will assist in disseminating information about the executive to the general membership.

Lots of discussion around this motion of election reform. A vote was held by Zoom poll…motion carried(24-15)

Motion 2 – To immediately enter into negotiation for the 2020-21 season to provide 3 person officiating at all high school games. If not, all high school games would be 2 person officiating only if 3 person officiating cannot happen. Moved by Mitch Brown, seconded by Kevin McAleer

Amendment to Motion – Strike out the part of the motion referring to “all or none” reference and . Moved by Ryan Lutes and seconded by Matt Boyle.

Lots of discussion around the amendment and the motion. The amendment was not passed(26-11).

Vote on the original motion was held…motion was not passed(45-1).

Motion 3 – To provide equal opportunity at development, no less than 40% of D1 assignments will be assigned to the periphery officials (officials outside the city). Moved by Mitch Brown and seconded by Ron Noseworthy.

Discussion was held on the motion. Most spoke against the motion. Motion was defeated…

Motion 4 – Unanimous Consent – Moved by Mitch Brown – no seconder…

Motion 5 – People in executive positions are obligated to attend NSBO executive meetings. Failure to attend two consecutive executive meetings may result in removal from the executive position. If an elected position becomes vacant, the Core Executive shall appoint an NSBO member to that position on an interim basis for the remainder of the designated term only. An election or by-election shall take place at the next NSBO AGM.

Moved by Ryan Lutes and seconded by Paul Hanson. Vote was held and motion passed.

Motion 6 – There are no term limits for the executive positions. To be elected, a candidate must secure a majority of the votes cast (50% + 1) plurality of votes cast. Voting shall be by secret ballot. An NSBO member cannot occupy two Core Executive positions at the same time.

Moved by Ryan Lutes and seconded by Chris Holland. Vote was held and motion passed.

Motion 7 – Budget – The Secretary-Treasurer will present a proposed budget at the Annual General Meeting for the upcoming financial year to be accepted by the membership.

Moved by Ryan Lutes and seconded by Chris Holland. Vote was held and motion passed.

– Additional Motions
– Move to strike an operations committee of 7 people to review the Operational Guidelines and Rules and Regulations of NSBO. The President will appoint a Chair, who will choose the committee members of which not more than three from the core executive. The purpose is to make recommendations of changes to the documents and present them to the AGM for approval.

Moved by Chris Holland and seconded by Mitch Brown. Vote was held and motion passed.

– Move to change the AGM to a virtual format as opposed to an in-person meeting.
Moved by Paul Hanson and seconded by Mitch Brown. Vote was held and motion passed.

Reg Caulfield noted awards won by NSBO members. See the updated Awards Page on the NSBO website.
Wink Willox Award – Sam McNeish
Rod Shoveler – Aaron Barrington
Frank Baldwin – John Fanning

Reg Caulfield also formally congratulated Reg Jewkes for all his contributions to NSBO.

AUS / ACAA Business
– University and College Basketball has cancelled its Championships for the season. It is hoped that some games will be played in NS.
– Officials can use an electronic whistle this year.
– New Panel Officials – Alex Nuschke, Graham Carter, Grant Hatcher
– High Performance List – Looking to add more officials. Phil Leighton was added.
– Jon Hunt and Larry MacKenzie have retired.


Moved by Matt Boyle and seconded by Greg Parsons that the AGM be adjourned at 1:15pm. Motion passed. AGM for 2021 will be held in September – exact date will be announced later in the summer.