NSBO Feel Safe Document

NSBO wants to help with the growth​​ of​​ basketball​​ by​​ providing guidelines to ensure​​ everyone​​ has​​ a positive​​ and​​ safe​​ experience at a basketball game. All parties​​ involved​​ must​​ show respect for each other and communicate in a sportsmanlike manner at all times. ​​ Officials will do their best to penalize all rough and non basketball plays that could lead to injuries. Coaches will respect their opponents and use good judgment by not running up the score.​​ Also​​ coaches will​​ only communicate with officials during​​ the​​ stoppage of play.​​ All​​ fans will be expected to behave in a manner that promotes the sport of basketball and provides a supportive​​ and​​ safe​​ environment for everyone.​​ Love the game, love the people.​​ 


Officials will be expected to be consistent in the following situations.​​ Such​​ situations made lead to an upgrade in penalties.​​ 

1. Illegal use of elbows and punching fouls will be called immediately.​​ 

2. Making contact with airborne​​ shooters​​ feet​​ before the shooter lands​​ will be penalized.​​ 

3. Kneeing and tripping fouls will be called immediately.​​ 

4. Players will be called on a foul for jumping on a pile during a scrum situation.

5. Extra confrontation after the whistle will​​ not​​ be​​ tolerated.

6. Fouls with excessive contact will be called​​ ​​ unsportmanlike fouls.​​ ​​ 


1. Demonstrating respect to​​ all​​ individuals regardless of body type, physical characteristics, athletic ability, gender, ancestry, colour, ethnic or racial origin, nationality, national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, religion, political belief, disability or economic status.

2. Avoid public criticism of athletes, coaches, officials, organizers, volunteers, employees and​​ NSBO​​ members.

3. Consistently demonstrate the spirit of sportsmanship, sport leadership and ethical conduct.

4.​​ Officials should always exercise their authority in a fair and controlled manner.

5.​​ Refrain from any behavior that constitutes sexual harassment, where sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual comments and sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or conduct of a sexual nature.

6.Officials should communicate with other officials, players, coaches and fans with dignity and respect. ​​ 

7.Officials should do their best to limit their conversations with fans.​​ Conversations​​ must​​ be professional​​ and friendly.​​ 



Fan abuse is when fans are being disruptive to the game and being unprofessional with the officials. Fans are not permitted to use vulgar language, racist comments or display physical behavior towards the officials.​​ 

The following procedures have been adopted for dealing with fan abuse.

1.Inform​​ the​​ coaches that fan abuse has happened.

2.The game will not proceed until the coaches or their designate has cautioned the fan(s).

3.The second incident of fan abuse, the coaches shall be informed that the fan(s) must be removed from the building.

4.The game does not proceed until the fan(s) has been removed. If the fan(s) does not leave in a timely manner, the game will be terminated.

5.Severe fan abuse does not require a warning to have the fan(s) removed.