NSBO Provincial Supervisor Report

Nova Scotia



This document is utilized as an action/accountability report which documents our objectives/initiatives. ​​ It clearly outlines NSBO’s activities for our officials

​​ and partners. ​​ We have found the document to be an extremely valuable communication tool and excellent source of information for everyone involved. ​​ 


Nova Scotia Executive:

President, Matt Boyle

Vice President, Alan King

Provincial Supervisor, Reginald Caulfield

Provincial Interpreter, Roger Caulfield

Secretary/Treasurer, Paul Hanson

Provincial Assessor, Reg Jewkes

Member at Large, Chris Holland







  • Offer regional clinics reviewing the new FIBA official rules/interpretations and highlighting the CBOC’s National Points of Emphasis for 2018/19 season.  ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​​​ 

Ten regional clinics were completed. ​​ The following agenda items were covered: ​​ new rules, unsportsmanlike fouls, points of emphasis, CBOC techniques of officiating​​ (IOT’s), calling today’s game, exam information and recruitment of female officials.  ​​​​ 


Area Supervisors were notified of expectations on the use of profanity and abusive language. ​​ Discussions were held regarding the Code of Conduct and Social Media.


All officials have been encouraged to register on Game Plan. ​​ The exam period was from November 30th​​ to December 10th.


  • Introduce and provide awareness sessions on the “Individual Official Techniques” (IOT’s) – 9 modules.  ​​ ​​ ​​​​ 

The first introduction of the IOT’s was presented at our September panel meeting. ​​ Brent introduced the 9 modules and stated this will be the foundation of learning the basic fundamentals of officiating. ​​ This was an agenda item at the area clinics. ​​ Brent was involved in a regional conference call, in November, to discuss further implementation. CBOC is presently looking at their responsibility to move this initiative forward. ​​​​ The Executive wants to place more emphasis on this initiative. ​​ They have tasked Roger Caulfield and Brent Stocker to come up with an action plan to have the IOT’s delivered. ​​ This will be one of the objectives on next year’s Work Plan.


  • Complete all contract negotiations with NSSAF, BNS, AUS and ACAA.  ​​​​ 

Contract negotiations are ongoing and will be completed prior to next year. ​​ We currently have signed contracts/letters of agreement that expire at the end of this season. ​​ 

Note: Neil Hooper has resumed the role of ACAA​​ Convenor. ​​​​ DAL AC​​ only had​​ their​​ men’s team participating in the ACAA. ​​ 


  • Promote awareness and participation to the local Caulfield Camp of Excellence. ​​ 

The camp has been well publicized and announced on NSBO’s and CBOC’s websites. ​​ The camp operated at full capacity and was a huge success. ​​ 


  • Finalize our draft MOU with BNS ensuring we meet the needs of both parties while working towards alignment. ​​ 

Executive reviewed the draft MOU and​​ recommended some changes. ​​ NSBO will be communicating with the new Executive Director, Katherine Brien, regarding alignment.


No further action is expected from BNS at this time due to time and work constraints.


  • Identify initiatives focusing on the recruitment, retention and advancement of female officials. ​​ 

The Executive identified initiatives to promote this objective.​​ Area Supervisors and Commissioners were notified at the Executive meeting of their responsibility to recruit, retain and advance female officials. ​​ This initiative was an agenda item at all area meetings. ​​ College Commissioners increased female officials’ assignments in 2018-19 for developmental purposes​​ (based on national and provincial evaluations). ​​ This proved successful as Jennifer McKenzie was selected to the USports Championships and Nicole Weisner was selected to the U17 Summer Nationals. ​​ In addition, a number of female officials were selected to the​​ provincial championships.  ​​​​ Jennifer McKenzie received the Frank Baldwin Award and is one of the officials selected to attend evaluator training for NOCP Level I & II. ​​ Roger Caulfield​​ worked female officials as evaluators at his camp. ​​ 


  • Develop a communication structure to ensure all officials developmental tools and processes created, in conjunction with the CBOC, are easily shared across the province.  ​​ ​​​​ 

The plan​​ was​​ to identify the best communication vehicle to produce the desired results.​​ Our objective is to​​ ensure all officials are​​ better​​ informed of all developments/initiatives related to CBOC. ​​ We have made some progress in this area as more information is being shared with our Executive and officials. ​​ NSBO’s Work Plan, as well as information obtained through Game Plan​​ are two​​ ways​​ to keep our officials updated on new and ongoing initiatives. ​​ 



  • Review NSBO Operational Guidelines and Rules & Regulations of the Operational Guidelines and recommend amendments.

Metro Area Supervisor,​​ Greg Parsons​​ coordinated​​ this project and presented​​ his findings​​ at the June 23rd​​ Executive meeting. ​​ All amendments and changes​​ were​​ approved​​ by the Executive. ​​ Changes will be presented to the membership for approval at the September​​ AGM.


  • Include a Long Term Service Award Pin as part of our Awards Program.

Paul Hanson investigated​​ cost, availability, etc. of offering a Long Term Service Award Pin to our membership. ​​​​ The Executive has agreed to purchase a pin (gold and silver) for 10 and 20 years of service. ​​ Pins will be presented at our​​ Fall meeting.


  • Create an e-mail distribution list that will ensure all members receive NSBO information on a timely basis.

Paul Hanson developed a google form to assist in the collection of contact information. ​​ All information was submitted to Martha Bradbury, National Secretary Treasurer for inclusion in the national database and exam preparation on Game Plan.


  • Continue to maintain a list of high performance officials.

This initiative has been an excellent vehicle to promote officials’ development. ​​ This year’s​​ high performance officials’ list is comprised of 15 officials. ​​ Numerous​​ officials​​ identified through this initiative have advanced to the NSSAF Championships and Summer Nationals and​​ eventually 3 officials​​ received their Level III certification. ​​ 


  • Complete a comprehensive review of current NSBO rates and provide recommendations at our next AGM.

NSBO provided CBOC with our game rates and membership fees (also included the fees going to Basketball Nova Scotia). ​​ We also provided information on insurance coverage. ​​ This information was being requested as we moved to a licensing system based on NOCP levels.  ​​​​ Our finding is our rates are in line with​​ other​​ provinces across the country. ​​​​ 










Referee Evaluator Training –

NOCP 1 & 2


Identify two Referee Coach Evaluators

Canada Basketball and CBOC​​ hosted​​ a Referee Evaluators Training during this year’s Super Clinic in Hamilton. ​​ The training​​ lead​​ evaluators through using the new NOCP evaluation evidences created by CBOC for NOCP 1 & 2 level officials.  ​​​​ Jennifer McKenzie and Greg Parsons​​ attended​​ this training session​​ and will working closely with Roger Caulfield to advance this initiative.



DAL AC men and women have withdrawn from the league. ​​ They are not expected to return.​​ 




Wink Willox Award – Kevin Fraser


Frank Baldwin Award – Jennifer McKenzie


Rod Shoveller Award – Adam Detienne


Ted Early Award – Roger Caulfield


Richie/Nicurity Scholarship – ​​ Ryan Maxwell


Retirement Plaque – Judy Smith, ACAA​​ Convenor


Post Play Express

A​​ decision was made at the last CABO meeting to terminate the Post Play Express publication. ​​ In total, decisions were made that freed up $15,000 from the CABO budget to be transferred to Canada Basketball to assist with officials’ development.​​ 


National Assignments

Matt Boyle – USports Men

Brent Stocker – USports Men

Jennifer McKenzie – USports Women

Matt Goble –CCAA Women

Stephen Clow – U17 Boys

Nicole Weisner – U17 Girls

Ryan Maxwell – U15 Boys

Jalen Spicer – U15 Boys



Matt Boyle received his FIBA 3x3 international license. ​​ 

Jon Hunt has been selected to the FIBA License Committee.


Merging of CABO and CBOC

Reg Jewkes was contacted by CBOC and asked to work on a committee to draft a detailed plan regarding the merging of CABO and CBOC into one formal entity under the auspices of Canada Basketball. ​​ NSBO Executive was provided with an update and brief overview of the activities of the weekend meetings. ​​ Awaiting further information​​ and action​​ on this subject.



AUS - $120.00

ACAA - $95.00

High Schools​​ - $44.00

Mini & Bantam - $30.00

Midget - $40.00




Respectfully submitted by​​ 

Reginald Caulfield

CABO National Council