NEW RULES 2022-2023


Article 4 – arm and leg compression garments are now allowed. To be certain this means compression shirts, shorts, leggings – of any length may be worn, however, all players on the team must have all their arm and leg compression garments, headgear, wristbands, headbands, and tapings of the same solid colour. Compression undergarments shall be tight-fitting, an XS point guard may not wear an XXL compression shirt – this will not comply with the rule.​​ The modify T shirt rule still applies for the minor and schools.​​ Remember jewellery is not allowed. Players can wear tape but there cannot be anything under the tape. Do not ask-it is their liability.


Article 9 – direction of play. Teams shall warm-up, for the first half in front of their own bench and defend the basket in front of their bench in the second half. This change is made for multiple reasons – but improves the ability of the table officials to react to a time-out request in the last two minutes of the game from the head coach scored upon. Most of the world adopted this change over the last two years. Teams still can agree amongst themselves to exchange baskets or benches.


Elimination of the C5 foul. It is now called the throw in foul. The penalty is one shot and the ball.​​ The throw in takes place at the point of the infraction.​​ Do not shoot the 2 shot penalty on the 5th.​​ Presently there is no signal.


Art. 12 Jump ball and alternating possession 12.5.2 The team that does not gain the first team control of a live ball after the jump ball shall be entitled to the first alternating possession throw-in.​​ When team A gets ball after the initial jump ball tap that goes out of bounds off team B. Team A gets the ball​​ [live ball​​ ]and now the AP arrow goes to team B.

Landing area/cylinder - needs an active mind se​​ by the primary official. Please apply the 1,2,3 technique. Watch the shooters hand, body and feet for contact by the defence. We need to stay with the shooter longer. Most of these fouls should be called on the defence. Also note when the centre official is applying this technique on the shooter and defensive play, there will be rebounds that can only be called by the other two officials. This is one time we may have to stretch our area for the betterment of the game.

There must be at least .01 on the game clock to award the call/shoot free​​ throws.