AGM – September 15, 2019

Mount Saint Vincent University – McCain 105


The AGM was called to order by Matt Boyle at 11:19am.  An attendance list was circulated for those to sign who were in attendance.  The following Agenda was presented:

AGM Agenda – Sept 15, 2019

  1. Call to Order / Opening Remarks by President / Introduction of Executive
    2. Approval of Additions to the Agenda
    3.  Approval of minutes from previous meeting
    4.  Correspondence
    5.  Elections
    – President
    – Provincial Interpreter
    – Secretary / Treasurer
    6.  National Reports
    – NSBO Submission
    7.  Provincial Reports
    – Executive Reports
    – Financial Report / Budget
    8.  Old Business
    – Work Plan
    – Fee Structure for Members
    9.  Matters arising from Minutes
    10.  New Business
    – Annual Plan (approval of rates, new objectives) – Reg Caulfield
    – New Rates for Approval
    – Operational Guidelines / Rules and Regulations – Proposed changes
    – Health of the AUS/ACAA Panel – Mitch Brown
    – Status of 3 person officiating in the province – Mitch Brown
    Provincial Application Review – Mitch Brown and Kevin McAleer – Withdrawn
    – North American Indigenous Games
    11.  Awards / Recognition
    12.  AUS / ACAA Business
    13.  Adjournment



Opening Remarks

Matt opened the meeting by introducing the Core Executive and welcomed all in attendance.  In his opening remarks, Matt talked about how basketball is growing across the province.  New members are signing up to become officials.  Recruitment is trying to occur in all Areas.  He was concerned about the number of discipline issues that have occurred in the province.  Members are looking for answers on how the issues are handled.  Matt outlined that there is a Discipline Policy and Procedures in place that are handled by the Vice President.


Additions to the Agenda

Any additions to the Agenda were added under New Business.  Moved by Paul Hanson to accept the Additions to the Agenda.  Seconded by Cliff Tye.  Motion carried.


Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the previous AGM were posted on the website.  Moved by Clifford Tye and seconded by Neil Deveau to approve the minutes from the previous meeting.  Motion approved.



Reg Caulfield commented on the deaths of some NSBO mothers.  Condolences were offered.

Reg also talked about some of the dealings with the CBOC.



The Chair was turned over to Member At Large – Chris Holland to run the election.

President – Matt Boyle by acclamation

Provincial Interpreter – Roger Caulfield re-offered and Peter Phipps nomination from the floor.  Peter spoke first to the membership followed by Roger.  A vote occurred by secret ballot.  Roger Caulfield was the successful candidate.  A motion by Doug Wortman and seconded by Clifford Tye to destroy the ballots…motion passes.

Secretary / Treasurer – Paul Hanson by acclamation

National Reports

NSBO Report – Reg Caulfield notified everyone this report was placed on the website for all to view.

Reg Jewkes will be attending on NSBO to the National Meeting and will bring back any information.


Provincial Reports

It was mentioned that Areas that wished to submit a report, it would be posted on the website.  The common theme that was mentioned from all Areas involved two main topics.  The first topic is Professional Development and the second topic is Recruitment / Retention.  Areas are struggling with these topics.  It was mentioned that the Executive was there to provide support and direction as needed.

Financial Report

The budget for the 2019-2020 season was presented and passed by the membership – moved by Paul DeBelie and seconded by Neil Deveau.  There was lots of discussion and concern around the payment of CABO dues.  Reg Jewkes would provide a report from his trip to the National Meetings.  The fee structure that was discussed last year will be discussed under Old Business.

Matters Arising from the Minutes


Old Business

Work Plan – Items on the Work Plan were completed last year.

Fee Structure for Members – this was withdrawn after consultation with the different Areas.

New Business

Annual Plan and Rates – Reg Caulfield outlined the new objectives for the upcoming season.  The full report would be posted on the website.  There were some questions around the Social Media objective.  Matt Boyle spoke on professionalism in terms of posting things online.  Moved by Reg Caulfield and seconded by Neil Deveau to approve the Annual Plan and the new Rates for the upcoming season.  Motion Passed.  It was mentioned that members could check with their Area Supervisor if they wanted to know a particular game rate.

Operational Guidelines / Rules and Regulations – Proposed Changes  – Mitch Brown proposed a number of changes to the Operational Guidelines.  These motions were presented and voted on.  They did not pass.  Greg Parsons presented a change in language surrounding the section Membership in the Operational Guidelines.  These changes were accepted and the document will be updated.

Health of the AUS – Mitch asked Roger about the health of the AUS.  Roger provided a comment to Mitch.

Status of 3 person officiating – Mitch asked Reg Jewkes how 3 person officiating training was completed.  Reg Jewkes provided a comment to Mitch.

North American Indigenous Games – Paul outlined that these games would be occurring in Halifax next summer.  Any member looking to referee at these games would be required to have a criminal records check and vulnerable sector check completed.  Halifax Area would reach out to other Areas as the time got closer.


Reg Caulfield noted awards won by NSBO members.  See the updated Awards Page on the NSBO website.

Rod Shoveler – Stephen Clow

Frank Baldwin – Greg Parsons

Level 3 Designation – Aaron Barrington, Mike Goble and Jalen Spicer


AUS / ACAA Business

It was noted that schedules would be coming out soon.  Roger talked about the Points of Emphasis for the upcoming season



Moved by Neil Deveau and seconded by Blair Cooper that the AGM be adjourned at 1:45pm.  Motion passed.  AGM for 2020 will be held in September – exact date will be announced later in the summer.