Post Play September 2016


Submitted by Morgan Munroe

I would categorize the year 2015-2016 as one of challenge and change. The agreement by the National Council to support and join the initiative by Canada Basketball to form an Officials Commission showed a great deal of forward thinking and vision by the 25 members who voted in favor of the memorandum. As a result, change has occurred that has altered some of the responsibilities and roles that CABO formerly played. I fully appreciate that this has caused some challenges for this Executive and our provincial counterparts, but as we recalibrate our role in the Canadian basketball community, I always try and remind myself to be guided by the principle that we make decisions that are not only in the interests of our members, but of the teams/organizations that we serve. Sometimes it is easy to find shortcomings in some of the decisions made, but I can honestly say that in the entire first year of my presidency, I’ve yet to encounter anyone … who does not want basketball officiating in Canada to improve and the women and men who step on to the floor to be the very best they can be.

2015/16 Work Plan
At last year’s AGM, the National Council asked the Executive to put together a work plan for the year. Like any organization, we had some successes and we have some projects that we were unable to complete. Part of the challenge the Executive faced this season was working through some of the changes we found ourselves facing as a result of the formation of the CBOC. As a result, it is not surprising that the time and energy this took had an impact on the completion of some of our other plans. I have to be honest, the time demands as volunteers are more than I had anticipated so we need to be more selective about our plan for the upcoming season, especially in light of the fact that we are going to have at least two new Executive members.

Spring Nationals
One of the concerns that the National Council expressed to the CB reps at last year’s AGM, was the need to have regional representation at the CIS Championships. I shared this concern, but, as well, there was a desire by the CIS to ensure that the best officials were assigned to their championships, as they do with their other sports. The best compromise was to allow nominations from all provinces and let the selection committee decide from the various names. The challenge was compounded by the time it took to arrive at our original decision regarding supporting the CBOC, the desire of CB to have the conferences involved in the nomination process, the final selection process and some unforeseen changes at the CIS office. Everyone was able to arrive, officiate and get home and by all reports the games went off smoothly. Another change that was undertaken, was a more formal use of video by the AE’s. It wasn’t without some challenges, but hopefully we can use this as a model for the CCAA championships this spring and the 2017 summer nationals.
The Executive decided to financially support the provision of AE’s to the CIS championships. The Executive decided that it was still in the best interests of CABO to have members of our national AE pool involved in the daily assignment of officials, as well as reporting post tournament to the provinces regarding the performance of
their members. Canada Basketball and CIS never questioned this and, as part of the initial year, all reports were shared with provinces.


I want to thank Paul Hanson for his work as webmaster during the past twelve months. The challenges of developing and maintaining a website have been a constant source of discussion at the National Council for a number of years. It goes without saying that most of the content on the site is a result of the efforts of the Executive and National Council. It has been a challenge to get people to find the time to produce the needed work, especially given that we are all volunteers and seem to have a considerable list of other responsibilities. It is time to have an honest and frank discussion about the effectiveness of our website, given that CB is now operating a dedicated officiating section on their website.


It is my greatest regret that we have not been able to make this a reality. It is very difficult in the year 2016 to not be able to specifically find and communicate with people in a timely fashion or to send out information to a large group of people quickly and efficiently. … At the very least, we need a functional email list so we can acknowledge the successes of our officials, disseminate rule and mechanic information and even just give our membership general updates for things like camps, scholarships and our award winners.

Proposed Loan to OABO

I appreciate that this is a motion that falls in the “rarely if ever seen category”. During the meeting, we will discuss the financial implications, but, as for my report, I’d like to focus on what we can learn from the process that led to this outcome. I’m hoping that the Ontario reps will share some of their experiences when it came to insurance claims as well as the judicial process. In discussing the specifics with the OABO president and reading the judge’s decision, I was forced to reflect on some of the situations we’ve heard from various provinces in the last number of years and I think we, as provincial organizations and maybe even the National Council, are probably lucky that there haven’t been more cases that ended up with legal proceedings. We’d all be wise to use this opportunity and make sure we understand the complexities that sometimes come with the administration of our constitutions, bylaws and policies.

Moving Forward

CABO has been in existence for 42 years. Basketball, as it is played in 2016, is significantly different than the version that was played in 1974. We often talk about attracting new officials and retaining recent members. We don’t use the same methods that were common 42 years ago. In 2016, when we look at successful organizations, we see that they recruit, train and advance their members in a variety of ways. They’ve adapted to the situation in which they find themselves. CABO needs to be as fluid and reactive as these groups.
We endorsed the formation of the CBOC and it would seem prudent that we seriously think about where we see ourselves fitting into the officiating dynamic in 2016. All things should be on the table as we are the stewards of our members’ money. If we are truly concerned (and I believe we are) about the increasing costs, then we should not discount any reasonable option, including the types of meetings we conduct, the makeup of the
Executive, and a number of other possible changes that could keep CABO fresh and vigorous as we move forward into 2017 and beyond.

Rule Exam

Last year, we again used an American based company as the host for our exam. We could not have predicted the drop in the value of the Canadian dollar, but there was an obvious impact on our budget. We need to seriously consider this when we discuss the 2016 exam. As well for our French speaking members, the exam return system seemed to be unacceptable so, again, we need to consider if this can be rectified if we choose the same host or what a new provider can deliver.
I can’t stress how poorly the current exam setup of 50 questions is being received by new members as well as by people in the larger basketball community. I would implore the National Council to seriously consider revising the policy and again examining all options as we set up the 2016 exam. Making our exam more in keeping with the needs of our new members will be a positive sign for all, that CABO is adaptable to the reality of attracting and training officials in the modern basketball world.

National Executive

The Executive held a face to face meeting in Vancouver that coincided with the CIS Men’s championship in March. We were often in touch electronically and had multiple conference calls. I attended the meeting of CB and the PSO’s in early November in Winnipeg as well as the CB AGM in Edmonton in late May. I would like to thank all those individuals involved in the planning and operation of these meetings. It was educational for me personally as well as good to hear the respect the various stakeholders have for the officials
Vice- President Roger handled the allocation of appointments to the CCAA championships as well as the summer nationals in Regina and Winnipeg. Education Officer Jim Cervo continues to update his A/E list and was part of the A/E team in Vancouver at the CIS championship. Past President Jim Walsh has provided guidance and advice on a number of important and pressing issues. Interpreter Dave handled the exam preparation; he worked closely with Martha Bradbury on the electronic delivery of the exam and has provided the National Council with mechanic and rule updates as they became available. Dave, it has been a pleasure to serve with you on the Executive. Secretary Treasurer Markku was, as always, the conscientious supervisor of our money. His lengthy contribution to this organization cannot be overstated and words do not do justice to his contribution, but I know we all agree that we are better for having his strong competent guidance during his tenure. Markku on behalf of the National Council, let me offer our heartfelt thanks. It has been to our collective benefit that we have had your leadership and guidance for all these years.


In 2013, president Jim Walsh made the following statement at the conclusion of his report and I feel it is still as relevant now as it was then, so I’ll share it with the National Council once again. “We are only as strong as the sum of our parts remaining united for the good of officiating in Canada. While each provincial association continues to advocate for its own officials, they continue to do so with a national focus in mind.” Jim, still as true as ever.
A special thanks to the NSBO for hosting us here in Halifax this weekend. To all of you — thank you.

Submitted by Roger Caulfield

In my role as Vice President of CABO, I spent time on Canada Basketball items, the Ontario lawsuit and coordinating officials for national assignments. This information will be discussed further at our AGM. We will be looking for direction from our National Council members.
The CBOC assigned the CIS Mens’ and Womens’ tournaments and the CCAA Nationals were assigned by CABO. The CCAA tournament feedback was excellent in regards to the organization and administration. The officials who attended did an excellent job. I was very pleased to see the provinces select the right officials for the right tournament and to follow the CABO guidelines when selecting referees for national tournaments. The provinces must be commended for meeting the deadlines. It is important for the CABO Executive to continue to provide definite deadlines and criteria for selecting officials.
After some deliberation, the summer Nationals were assigned by CABO. The allotment of officials seemed to meet everyone’s satisfaction. We informed the provinces early that the 50% given to the host provinces would be altered in order to achieve some equity across the country. Expenses are always an issue when tournaments are held outside of Quebec and Ontario.
I would highly recommend that all provinces have their constitution and operation documents updated. They need to meet the needs of all participants of the game. Also, insurance policies held by the provinces for their officials should be reviewed and made clear to all parties. I believe the CABO Executive and all National Council members must make some plans for the future of CABO. We want to continue to play a significant role in basketball officiating in our country.
Finally, I’d like to thank all members of the Executive for the many volunteer hours that were spent this past year on officiating. A big thank you to David for serving as out National Interpreter. Finally, I would like to tell Markku how much we all appreciated the integrity and passion he gave to his position as secretary treasurer. I will personally miss his insight, fairness and his always putting the welfare of CABO first.


Submitted by Jim Walsh

This was a year of transition for CABO. We have moved into the era of the CBOC. We have said goodbye to some long-standing members of the CABO Executive and will do so to another at this meeting. We have accepted change, albeit reluctantly.
In my role as Past-President, things have also changed. As Morgan alluded to in the President’s report, CABO has almost no role in international officiating. The one exception is that we are asked to assist in selecting officials for some international exhibition games.
I have retained the role of Chair of the awards committee. We have 5 Wink Willox winners this year. There were no nominations for either the Ted Earley or Executive Award of Merit.
We have 9 applications for the Ritchie/Nicurity scholarships. The winners will be announced at the banquet.
My main role as Past-President has been advisory both from the perspective of corporate knowledge and, in particular, with respect to the OABO matter that we will deal with. I have been present for the Executive meeting in Vancouver as well as our multiple conference calls. Not surprisingly, there have been many emails exchanged and documents reviewed with a view to assisting the National Council to make informed decisions.
Thanks to all National Council members for your support of the Executive and for what you do in your provinces. Thanks also to my fellow Executive members for their dedication, hard work and willingness to be open and frank in our discussions, always with a view to what is best for CABO.
Finally, I extend my personal gratitude to Markku who has decided to retire from the Executive. Few understand and appreciate the countless hours that you spend working for CABO and stewarding our resources. Your principled approach to all CABO issues served me well in my previous Executive roles but, more importantly, kept CABO on a positive and national pathway at all times. To me, you have always been the CABO conscience.


Submitted by Markku Peuhkurinen

As the Secretary/Treasurer, my primary tasks are CABO’s financial position, coordinating the travel arrangements to the CCAA and CB tournaments, providing the officials’ travel schedules to the A/Es so airport transfers can be arranged, finalizing all arrangements for the AGM and recording the membership statistics. This year, I worked closely with Paul Hanson on the preparations for the coming AGM in Halifax. I also serve on the National Evaluation Panel. Twice a year, I update the CABO Factbook. Another task is circulating all the annual reports from the Provinces and the Executive to the NC.
1. CABO Membership Statistics to June 30, 2016
The total membership increased by 104, which was a positive step. Hopefully this trend will continue. There are presently 4,013 CABO members.
2. CABO Financial Statements and Balance Sheet (2015-2016)
Cash reserves decreased by $29,885.94. There has been a decrease of $46,849.45 in the financial position over the past two fiscal years. It is easy to deduce that this trend cannot continue.
3. Expenses
Domestic Officiating costs were higher than the budgeted amount. This is a category which encompasses the summer tournaments and officials travelling to the CCAA national championships. Travel is becoming slightly more expensive each year and there will now be the added costs for baggage fees.
During this particular year the tournament locations were such that travel costs soared a bit.

Education costs were below to the budgeted amount. The Evaluations portion of the budget was close to the budgeted amount.
Operating costs continue to decline. Expenses for meetings were close to the budgeted amount. Memberships/Promotions were below the budgeted amount.

5. CABO Budget (2016-2017)
In attempting to maintain all programs at their present level, despite the $5,00 increase in the membership fee, there is a projected shortfall of $5,000.
In closing, I wish to thank the other Executive members and others who dedicate countless hours of service to CABO. Since this will be my last AGM as your Secretary/Treasurer, my last comment is that it has been a pleasure working on behalf of all CABO members to improve officiating across Canada.

National Education Officer’s Report
Submitted by Jim Cervo

As a result of the CIS’s decision to contract CB for officiating services instead of CABO, logistical organization of the CIS Championships in 2016 was handled by the CBOC. The timeline being short and such a transition requiring a substantial undertaking, CABO was asked to appoint A/E’s to these tournaments and cover their costs, the same as CABO has always done in the past. Being the first year, there were a few hiccups in preparation, but I believe these will easily be resolved by sharing with the CBOC the tournament preparation protocol that has evolved over the years.

National Evaluator Panel
There were no changes to the Panel this past year, but I expect there will be a number of additions and deletions in the next few years. Following each tournament, I ask the Lead A/E to provide me with a tournament report. These reports are well written and very informative. Almost invariably, the reports speak of the great crew of officials, cooperative tournament coordinators and support from the local official’s group. Most of the reports also contain some recommendations that would improve the experience. We discuss these as members of the CABO Executive and consider ways to implement some of these changes and will pass these along to the CBOC. This year at the CIS tournaments, the CBOC supplied us with a videographer who taped the games and provided the A/E crews with specific game clips. This proved to be a valuable tool in post-game discussions with the officials. We are hoping to have this available to our A/E’s at all National tournaments.
I would like to thank the following individuals for accepting assignments to National tournaments this year.
The A/E’s for the National tournaments in 2016
CIS Men CIS Women
Mike Thomson – British Columbia John Weiland – Alberta
Nadine Crowley – Ontario Mike Homsy – Quebec
Jim Cervo – British Columbia Jamey Jennings – Newfoundland
CCA Men CCAA Women
Bill Carr – Alberta Dave Morphy – Manitoba
Warren Poncsak – Saskatchewan Mario Lessard – Quebec
Nancy Ethier – Quebec Bruce Covert – Ontario
U17 Men U17 Women
Dave Werry – Saskatchewan Bill Denney – British Columbia
Paul Deshaies – Quebec Reg Jewkes – Nova Scotia
John McFarland – British Columbia Ted Montgomery – Ontario
U15 Men U15 Women
Cam Moskal – Manitoba Mario Lessard – Quebec
Alfie Paoletti – Quebec Neil Donnelly – Saskatchewan

CBOC Tournament Selection Committee
I was asked to Chair the CBOC Tournament Selection Committee for the CIS championship tournaments this past spring. We selected 4 other individuals to work on the committee with me from across Canada. They were Bill Carr from Alberta, Nancy Éthier from Quebec, Tom Christie from Ontario, and Jamey Jennings from Newfoundland. Our task was to select the 12 officials for each of the CIS tournaments. The selections were made from a list of nominations from the provinces. The mandate we were given was to select the 12 officials we judged as the best nominated from each list. We spent several hours discussing and debating. The meeting concluded with our selecting 12 officials along with a standby official for each tournament. As it turned out, one of the officials selected to the CIS Men’s tournament injured himself during playoff games leading to the tournament. He was replaced with the standby official. I was very pleased with the open-minded and unbiased approach each member of the committee brought to the meeting. Our recommendation is to have each province provide more names for this committee to choose from.
Once again I want to thank the members of the CABO National Council & CABO Executive for their dedication and hard work. A special thank you to Markku who has been an invaluable member of the CABO Executive. He has always been professional and incredibly efficient in serving for many years. We will surely miss him on this committee.

Submitted by Dave Werry

Executive Meetings
I participated in all Executive meeting by phone conference call or in person on March 18 & 19 in Vancouver, BC during the CIS National Championships. I attended two presentations put on by FIBA Head of Refereeing Carl Jungebrand and Geraldo Fontana from FIBA Americas. I was very impressed with the attitude of these gentlemen. Carl’s main point in his last presentation is how can FIBA help and service their members. Steve Seibel put on a great on the floor presentation on 3-person officiating using local officials. The presentation was filmed and the plan is to distribute copies to provinces and CIS Commissioners.

FIBA Liaison
In regards to rule interpretation requests, FIBA would only communicate with the new Canadian Basketball Officials Commission person recognized by FIBA. This person was Nadine Crowley. Any request I sent to Nadine was answered in a professional and timely manner.

Rules & Mechanics
There are no rule changes for the upcoming season. I have been told by Nadine that FIBA is looking at new rules coming out in 2017. FIBA has set up a new Rules Advisory Group to analyze the rules and make recommendations for changes to the FIBA Technical Commission. Any new mechanics changes from FIBA were distributed to the Provincial Interpreters and the CIS Commissioners.
A total of 3,356 members wrote the exam this year. This is an increase of 141 members from last year. This represents roughly 69% of the registered numbers, which is a rise of 8%.
On behalf of CABO I want to thank Martha Bradbury for all her work on the National Exam. I cannot thank her enough for all the time spent on administering an important part of our officiating program. I also want to thank the Provincial Interpreters for looking after all the questions and the adding of officials to the exam database. We cannot do the exam without the great work of all these people. Thanks also to Paul Deshaies for handling the French translation of the exam.
This year the exam time period was shortened to 15 days as many members in years past were writing on the last few days. This year 58% of the members wrote the exam on the last 3 days of the exam period.
Exam questions incorrectly answered by more than 25% of people were published in the January 2016 issue of Post Play Express.

I would like to thank the Executive members for all their work this year. It was a pleasure to work with them. I would also like to thank the Provincial Interpreters for all that they do develop officials in their province. I would like thank Markku for all that he has done for CABO during his many years of service.
I will not be letting my name stand this year due to family and work commitments.

Since the 2015 AGM, elections to the Executive are staggered to insure continuity. Last year, the president and vice-president were elected for 2-year terms, while the secretary/treasurer, education officer, and national interpreter were elected for one-year terms.
Therefore, this year, the latter three positions were up for election. Martha Bradbury was elected as secretary/treasurer, Jim Cervo re-elected as education officer, and Cam Moskal elected as national interpreter.
Roger Caulfield who had been elected as vice-president last year for a two-year term, decided to step down. The Executive will appoint an interim vice-president to complete his term.
Morgan Munroe will complete his 2-year term as president and Jim Walsh remains on the Executive as past president.

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